Likas Baptist Church was formed on 7th April 1968 by our Founders, a Southern Baptist missionary couple Pastor Carl and Mary Yarnell.  It was previously known as Jesselton Baptist Church but was renamed when they moved to 4 ½ mile Jalan Tuaran, hence the name Likas Baptist Church.


In October 1964, a Baptist missionary couple from the United States of America, Carl and Mary Yarnell, arrived in Jesselton.  The only contacts they had at that time were Mr and Mrs C.B Tsien, Mr and Mrs Richard Chao, and Mr and Mrs Dennis O’Brien. 

They started a bible study group with a few friends on ‘The great Christian Doctrines’ in November.  They met every Friday evening and these were the only meetings held until Christmas of 1964. The first service began on Christmas day in the home of Mr and Mrs Richard Chao.  

How Likas Baptist Church came about.

A new missionary residence and a chapel building below the parsonage was constructed on a one acre lot at mile 4 ½ Tuaran Road, Likas, and its first service was held there on Christmas day, 1967. The land and building were made possible by the gifts of Southern Baptists, USA, through their Foreign Mission Board (FMB) and the Malaysia-Singapore Baptist Mission.

7th April 1968, marked a historical point for Jesselton Baptist Church with the dedication of this new building as well as the adoption of the church constitution. The church was renamed ‘Likas Baptist Church.’ There were 57 registered members of the church.

Our Sanctuary

FMB missionaries Harold and Ann Clark arrived in Kota Kinabalu in late December 1967. Pastor Harold Clark took over as pastor for LBC when the Yarnells left on furlough in mid-1968.  A year later when the Yarnells returned, the Clarks left. It was during the years from 1968 -1972, the size of the congregation continued to grow. In 1972, the Church decided to build larger sanctuary.

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